Recent Transactions

Listed below is a sampling of some of the various transactions that we have handled in the Brampton / Mississauga / West Metro area over the past few years. Our office handles approximately 500 transactions per year, with our annual sales and leasing volume exceeding 4,000,000 sq. ft. When reviewing the list, you will note that we have completed a variety of transactions - whether it is the Sale of Property; Location of a New Head Office; Sublease of Surplus Needs; Investment Sales; or Project Leasing.

6940 Edwards Boulevard, Mississauga

Area (Sq Ft): 24,814

Comments: Leased 24,814 sq.ft. Mississauga Freestanding 24 ft Clear

1695 Bonhill Road , Mississauga

Area (Sq Ft): 28,297

Comments: Leased Mississauga 28,296 sq.ft. 8 T/L doors 18 ft. clear

5600 Ambler Drive , Mississauga

Area (Sq Ft): 55,530

Comments: Leased 55,530 sq.ft. Mississauga Dixie Rd & Hwy 401 Industrial Freestanding

123 Eastside Drive, Etobicoke

Area (Sq Ft): 39,183

Comments: Leased South Etobicoke 39,183 sq.ft. 4 T/L doors 14 to 22 ft clear height

6385 Shawson Drive, Mississauga

Area (Sq Ft): 55,644

Comments: Lease 55,644 sq.ft. Mississauga Industrial Multiple

5925 Tomken Road, Mississauga

Area (Sq Ft): 30,152

Comments: Leased 30,152 sq.ft. Mississauga Indusitrial Multiple

3093 Universal Drive, Mississauga

Area (Sq Ft): 33,632

Comments: Renewal - Expansion 59,352 sq.ft. S.E. Mississauga Industrial Multiple

835 Intermodal Drive, Brampton

Area (Sq Ft): 53,621

Comments: Renewal 53,621sq.ft. Brampton 1,077 sq.ft. offices 30 ft clear

6911 Creditview Road, Mississauga

Area (Sq Ft): 319,914

Comments: Leased 319,914 sq.ft. Meadowvale Head Office Negotiated Lease Renewal

7 Blair Drive, Brampton

Area (Sq Ft): 175,180

Comments: Leased 175,180 sq.ft. Brampton Manufacturing Facility

123 Eastside Drive, Etobicoke

Area (Sq Ft): 65,286

Comments: Leased South Etobicoke 65,286 sq.ft. 24 ft clear 8 T/L, 4 D/I

6976 Columbus Road, Mississauga

Area (Sq Ft): 55,219

Comments: Renewed 55,219 sq.ft. Industrial Freestanding Derry and Dixie Road