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Expert Industrial / Commercial Services


INDUSITE REALTY CORPORATION has been providing quality Commercial/ Industrial real estate services since 1981.  We are experienced in all aspects of our industry and can confidently provide professional service to satisfy even the most demanding requirements.  INDUSITE’s up-to-date database allows our team to provide our clients with data from the most complete record of our marketplace. This knowledge is key to providing the best service possible for our clients.

If you are looking to introduce your property to the market or explore options as an Owner/Landlord, the following are some services of interest INDUSITE offers:  

  • Sale of Commercial/ Industrial Real Estate
    We strategically market properties to maximize the sale value for the owner. Our systematic approach to exposing your property to the marketplace has consistently exceeded our clients’ expectations with proven results.  If your property is zoned commercial (industrial, retail, office, land) contact us today to discuss our proven marketing approach.​
  • Sale of Land or Land Assembly
    Our team has a wealth of experience selling single land parcels to multi-owner land assembly.  Land sales can be very complex and our team can help guide you through the process to maximize your value.​
  • Commercial/ Industrial Real Estate Portfolio Leasing
    Our team handles entire portfolio leasing for landlords. Multiple deals match expectations for both the lease team and building owner, allowing our team to keep the property fully leased to the right type of uses for the asset.​
  • Commercial/ Industrial Real Estate Opinion of Value
    We professionally evaluate all types of commercial real estate, using the Market Data Approach, Replacement Analysis, and/or Investment Analysis, to give you the true value of your asset. We are active in the commercial real estate market and have up to date values based on an extensive database of transaction.
  • Commercial/ Industrial Real Estate Consulting
    Commercial real estate ownership can have unique opportunities.  Our team will strategize with owners to discuss how to maximize your asset’s value. Could your asset be converted to a condominium? Could re-zoning allow you to achieve higher lease rates? These are examples of strategies we have used to maximize value.

If you are looking to acquire Commercial Industrial real estate space or explore options as a Buyer  Tenant, the following are some services of interest INDUSITE offers:   

  • Purchase of Commercial/ Industrial Real Estate
    We are an experienced group of professionals who represent our clients’ interests.  A commercial real estate transaction can have many challenges including environmental, appraisal and building condition reports.  We will guide you through the transaction to successfully close the transaction.​
  • Professional Expert Commercial/ Industrial Tenant Representation
    Finding the perfect location for your business can be challenging.  Our team of professionals will located, negotiate and secure your future location.  We have an up-to-date database that will give us an edge in securing you a great lease package for your desired term.​
  • Tenant Lease Audit Services
    Our team will review your lease and help advise what strategies to engage during negotiations with your landlord.​
  • Tenant Lease Renewal Services 
    Market knowledge is key! Our team is very active in the commercial real estate market.  Our knowledge will allow us to find efficiencies and save you money when it is time to renew your lease. Before renewing your lease be sure to speak with a member of our team.​
  • Commercial/ Industrial Real Estate Consulting 
    Location, labour costs, travel costs, and property taxes are one of many factors businesses evaluate prior to selecting a new facility. Our Team can assist you in navigating this process.


For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.​